Get your Buyer Incentive When Buying in Atlanta.

Selling over 42,000 plus homes is what makes us experts.  The average agent sells just 1.3 homes per year.  DUFFY Realty recognizes that Buyers are doing the work that agents used to do to find what is for sale.  As a result, DUFFY has offered a DUFFY Buyer Incentive for over 20 years.  

However, finding a home is NOT the most important part of the transaction,
nor is getting a buyer incentive when buying in Atlanta. 

There are over 40 tasks that our team does to support the process of finding the truth about the property, financing, inspection, and neighborhood secrets. 

DUFFY built a process because our clients want to avoid confusion and that has helped our Buyer Clients purchase a property with their eyes wide open.  We use a Protection Checklist that our clients report they have never seen before and are so glad that they now have the knowledge.  Georgia is a Buyer Beware state so once you own the property, you own the problems. As a result, you can feel confident that you know what you are purchasing.

See how our Buyer Incentive works and join us to get your check worth thousands of dollars. 
If you choose, we can pay your Buyer Incentive portion as your closing costs.